Who we are?

Islebound Ceylon was established to inspire healthy living while promoting the sustainable coexistence between humans and nature. Established in 2009, Islebound is an export-oriented agro and agro-processing based enterprise, with a focus purely on organic fruits, vegetables, herbs and nuts.

Islebound is ably supported by a dedicated workforce of professionals in the organic farming and food processing industry, all of whom work tirelessly towards the company’s quest in guaranteeing fresh, all-natural products.

The raw materials for Islefresh products are only produced by small-scale organic farmers, going back to agriculture’s holistic roots, as opposed to the more common widespread and harmful large-scale farming with the use of synthetic material.

Sri Lanka’s organic produce is renowned globally for its taste and excellent quality, and Islefresh taps into that, with all raw materials sourced from the biologically diverse Tropical Island of Ceylon.

Our Mission

At Islebound, our Mission is to promote Sri Lankan Organic Food Products, made by adhering to the strictest Safety and Quality Standards, while upholding Organic, Environmentally-friendly and Innovative practices. This allows us to provide our customers with produce enriched with ethical qualities beyond the physical product.

Quality Certifications

Our promise is to bring you the healthiest quality produce, fresh from the fields. We give our customers the quality that we ourselves want to have on our table. The team at ISLEfresh is extremely motivated to improve quality every single day and to make our offerings better, so that you will have nothing but the best.

This adherence to the highest standards of quality has seen us receive top Organic Certifications form the European Union and the US. All our production facilities are also ISO certified and adhere to the standards set by HACCP, GMP.

At a fair price, we give you the best organic quality-premium products rich in flavor and nutrients.

Fair Trade

Fair trade for us is not a mere trend – it is a sign of responsibility.
In line with our stance on organically harvested produce, we believe in Agriculture hand-in-hand with nature, where one serves the other instead of it being a one-way street.

To this end, we work closely with our farmers from across the island, creating employment opportunities and coaching them in sustainable farming methods and agricultural techniques that adhere to high standards. Through this, we support our hardworking farmers by creating viable revenue streams for them, as well as fulfilling our society. It is an education in both the protection of biodiversity as well as meeting our social responsibility by the farmers.

Nature presents us with delicious produce, and we believe in giving back equally by caring for nature, our base of life and our farmers.